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Welcome to Soulshine!

Each piece of Soulshine jewelry is carefully handcrafted with gemstones & charms that encourage inspiration, inner growth and enlightenment. Keep the meaning of your Soulshine jewelry in mind and in your heart, and truly let your soul shine through! These pieces are specifically designed to be versatile, so you can be reminded of their meaning no matter where your daily adventures take you.

Featured Collections


The Motherhood Mala
Amazonite and Riverstone bracelet stack
Sandalwood, Amazonite & Hematite mala bracelet
Turquoise Bear & White Howlite Stress Relief Bracelet
Antique Gold Elephant with Gray Banded Agate & Sandalwood
Gold Buddha Mala with Faceted Gray Banded Agate
Gold Lotus Mala with Calming Sandalwood & Strengthening Crystals
Mother To Be Mala
Ohm Bracelet Set with Bamboo Agate & Gold Hematite
Tribal Gold Feather Mala with Smokey Quartz, Crystal Quartz & Gold Hematite
Turquoise Bear & Gold Luster Hematite Beaded Bracelet, first chakra balancing healing bracelet
7 Chakra Balancing Mala with Faceted Gray Banded Agate
7 Chakra Balancing Mala with Gold Buddha and White Howlite
7 Chakra Balancing Mala with Gold Elephant, Sandalwood & Bamboo Agate
7 Chakra Balancing Mala with White Howlite
Bamboo Agate & Cat charm bracelet
Brazilian Galaxy Quartz Druzy with Faceted Labradorite
Gold Ohm Mala with Faceted African Turquoise
Gold Ohm Mala with Faceted Sunstone
Healing Ohm Amethyst wrist mala
Herkimer Diamond with African Turquoise
Herkimer Diamond with Faceted Blue Lace Agate
Herkimer Diamond with Rondelle Labradorite
Indian Sandalwood Mala with Rare Dominican Larimar