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Bamboo Agate & Cat charm bracelet

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This adorable gold-plated cat charm is surrounded by natural bamboo agate beads & faceted amber and gold accents, on an easy to wear stretch cord. This bracelet looks fabulous on its own or stacked with others. 

All proceeds benefit the Animal Protective Association animal shelter in St. Louis, MO.

Bamboo Agate:
Named for its bamboo-like inclusions, this agate has a versatile blend of earth tones in distinctive patterns. It inspires creativity, instills harmony, and increases intellect, memory, energy, strength & longevity. It is a good stress reliever & increases courage & self confidence.

Sizing: Bracelet comes in S, M or L. If you'd like a more exact fit, feel free to measure your wrist and send the measurement with your order.


About SoulShine Designs:

Each handcrafted piece is carefully designed with gemstones and charms that encourage inspiration, inner growth and enlightenment. Keep their meanings in mind to truly let your soul shine through! These designs are specifically designed to be versatile so you can always be reminded of their significance, no matter where your daily adventures take you.

The earthy tones of these high-quality stones, combined with the glistening crystals, will keep you grounded while bathing you in a celestial glow. Wear one or stack several to create a look all your own.

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